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Anil Sunkara - CEO AdvanSoft International : E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year, Finalist - 2007

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IT Services :

Companies need to identify their options in the IT services market and be able to select service providers effectively to supplement their IT resources and achieve their strategic IT and business objectives. AdvanSoft provides a full spectrum of IT services, including IT consulting, application development and integration, network services, production support and outsourcing.

1. IT Consulting Services including B2B Services
2. Application Development and Integration
3. Database management
4. Network Services and Security
5. Production Support
6. Outsourcing
7. IT Storage
8. Corporate training

Based on feedback from some of our Fortune 500 company clients, we found that the IT selection decision is highly critical to the success of an IT implementation. If the inappropriate provider is selected, there are significant risks including being over budget, missing deadlines and not meeting business requirements.

Critical Criteria to Evaluate IT implementation Service Providers :

Your IT application environment is the core of your business. Without it operating efficiently and effectively, activities such as enterprise resource planning, managing customer relationships and corporate finances would be extremely cumbersome and time consuming. The daily demands of the market and new business objectives motivate organizations to take on new challenges. Executives constantly ask themselves these questions: how to gain competitive edge, which vendor to choose, how to maximize the return on investment?

With years of industry best practice experience in delivering IT implementation services, AdvanSoft has developed the following set of critical success factors to assist executives to select the best IT implementation service provider. This can help them to optimize their return on investment and meet their unique business requirements.

1) Demonstrates in-depth business and technology knowledge - The most fundamental evaluation criteria for evaluating IT implementation provider is their knowledge and skills pertinent to the business applications to be implemented by the enterprise. Organizations expect their IT implementation service provider to bring an expert understanding of the specific business applications and related technologies to the projects they are engaged to implement.

At AdvanSoft, we utilize our own employees rather than sub-contract to third party resources. We have one of the most comprehensive ranges of IT consultants; their skill sets cover all the different functional and technical modules including ERP, data warehousing, web technologies, application development, database administration, networking, system administration and industry specific solutions. We provide up-to-date and on-going IT training to our employees to ensure that their knowledge is kept current. We employ industry experienced instructors who have deep industry knowledge to instruct our employees to ensure superior performance.

2) Communicates effectively and be easy to do business with - The second most important of the evaluation criteria is the ability of the IT implementation service provider to communicate effectively on an on-going basis with the project owner and executive management and work collaboratively with the entire project team.

To differentiate us from other consulting firms, we offer a risk-free approach for full-cycle implementation. For staff argumentation service, we offer a 4 week performance guarantee for the first 5 consultants for any new clients. Our project managers and consultants thrive on continuously improving means of deployment and leveraging technology to ensure effective communication with the project owner and increase the efficiency and quality of the systems.

3) Adheres to agreed-upon budget and schedule - Returns from investments in IT initiatives do not begin to flow until new capabilities are implemented within the enterprise. It is highly important that IT implementation service provider adhere to the agreed-upon budget and schedule for the project and be able to manage variations in scope and requirements.

At AdvanSoft, we deploy a predictable cost structure for monitoring and managing the application environment to ensure meeting the agreed-upon budget. We use IT's proven Accelerated IT Methodology (AIT) on all of our IT projects. We utilize expertise gained on previous projects to "jump-start" the Business Blueprint process. The Pre-Configured Client (PCC) from the family of IT Accelerated solutions can also be utilized to jump-start new configuration efforts. AdvanSoft’s experience with the PCC has shown it can save a significant amount of time early in the project. The Legacy System Migration Workbench , another important tool included in the accelerated solutions, greatly reduces the amount of time needed to map and convert legacy data. These tools enable us to manage and expedite the implementation process to ensure success in adhering to agreed-upon schedule of the project. This, in turn, helps the organization in accomplishing long-term alignment of business and IT goals.

4) Provides good value for investment services - Organizations expect that the value delivered by the IT implementation service provider to be commensurate with the investment required to engage the services.

AdvanSoft provides a flexible and scalable approach that lead to enhanced productivity while allowing your organization to respond quickly and appropriately to change. We are experienced in monitoring the project to optimize staffing, operating and administrative costs, while assisting internal resources to focus on strategic business initiatives.

5) Achieves business results that meet / exceed expectations - Organizations expect their IT implementation service provider to play a significant role in delivering the business results anticipated from the IT initiatives and want results-oriented performance metrics to be used to track the success of projects undertaken.

Our proven implementation approach and methodology enable us to help you integrate your IT applications that will result in meeting or exceeding expectations of your organization. Our global delivery infrastructure via onsite / offsite / offshore capability can also help to increase speed and improve customer service levels 24/7.

6) Improves productivity of end users - Widespread user adoption is central to realizing value from the IT implementation. Enterprises look to their IT implementation partner for help in getting users to become productive quickly.

We provide comprehensive end user training that will enable new users to learn how to use their new IT systems quickly and easily. In addition, we provide the latest training to help your users stay at the forefront of IT best practices.

7) Provides responsive post-implementation support – once the new IT system is implemented, post implementation services are required to help your organization to maximize the investment to achieve your current and future business objectives as efficiently as possible.

At AdvanSoft, we provide complementary technical post-implementation support onsite / by telephone and email at no additional charge for three months after the go live. We are committed to provide this 24/7 customer support in a responsive manner through our ability to arrange onsite/offsite/offshore services. After that three month period, technical support is available through annual support agreements or on a time and materials basis.

Conclusion :

At AdvanSoft, whether we are your IT implementer or service provider, our goals are to deliver the most robust IT solution in the most cost-effective and risk-free manner. AdvanSoft is committed to working with you to optimize and help to empower your business that addresses your unique challenges. Our consultants are the group of highly trained professionals with years of experience in implementing and maintaining IT solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Our principles of providing outstanding customer service and innovative thinking in delivering responsive, cost-effective solutions have ensured the success of the IT implementation and engagement for all our clients. To learn more about how AdvanSoft International Inc. can enhance the value of your IT investments, visit or contact your local AdvanSoft International solution provider.

AdvanSoft AdvanEdge :
  • Large and dynamic IT service provider firm with strong national and international presence
  • Overall 15 years experience in delivering best IT resources and services
  • Partner of choice for numerous Fortune 500 corporations
  • Full service capability for providing complete IT services including implementation and outsourcing
  • Large pool of highly professional and quality IT / IS consultants
  • Robust systems and processes including onsite/offsite/offshore infrastructure capable of delivering 24/7 services
  • Cost-effective + Value-driven

The 5-Star “Satisfaction” Guarantee We Make to Our Clients That No Other Technology Staffing Firm Would Offer

1) We GUARANTEE that clients with immediate needs can schedule up to three interviews with qualified candidates within 24 hours of your completed staffing request or we will credit you $500.

Nothing is more frustrating than having to wait on a project when you do not have the right people in place immediately. Because we make fast response a top priority, we have set up focused account teams that can quickly identify/qualify candidates in your industry.

2) We GUARANTEE that clients with immediate needs will have the right contractor hired within 3 business days or we will credit you $500.

Our over 15 years track record of success in technical contract staffing along with our extensive database and specialized staff allows us to quickly find the right person with the right skills for your organization. We offer this with total confidence because we take extra steps up front to make sure we thoroughly understand your staffing requirements and develop a well thought out approach in advance to address your requirements. This enables us to avoid mistakes and not overlook issues that could delay the staffing of your project.

3) We GUARANTEE that you will be satisfied with the performance of our contractors in the first four weeks of their work or you will not be billed.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of a contractor, you can call your account manager within the first 4 weeks of the contractor’s starting time, you will not be billed.
Our track record shows that our clients would rehire over 90% of our consultants.

Are Your IT and IT Implementation Provider / Staffing Firm Account Representative Meeting all your specific requirements?

Forwarding low quality resumes…misunderstanding your requirements…harassing you with calls…exceeding your budget…and asking for additional jobs to fill?

We will Give You 40 Free Hours Of Contract Staffing Services To Prove We Can Do A Better Job Than Your Current Staffing Firm.

If you managing a project team, chances are you are communicating your technical contract requirements to all the staffing firms, but are you happy with the service you are paying for, or are you simply tolerating your current staffing firm because you do not know who else to call in a hurry?

If you are not absolutely thrilled with your current staffing firm, we can help. We have been a global provider of technical IT contract staffing services since 1998 and we pride ourselves on providing the right person with the right skills at the right time.

Here are 3 reasons why hundreds of Technical Project Managers and Business Owners across the globe trust us to staff the IT projects that run their business:

1. We back up our promise about successfully matching contractors to your requirements and being responsive with guarantees in writing (see above).
2. We are a complete “one-stop-shop” for all your IT development, implementation, upgrade and support staffing needs.
3. Our 15 years track record and our commitment on “Customer Focus Solutions”.